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Homestead Life ~ Finishing Greenhouse & Preparing Herb Garden

Homestead Life ~ Finishing Greenhouse & Preparing Herb Garden

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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We finally got the greenhouse closed in and critter proofed today. And then I spent considerable amounts of time inside cleaning it up and preparing for planting.

I had this plastic from last fall but the snow hit before I got it on the greenhouse. By then the plants were lost anyway so it did not matter for the season.

But now it is spring again and we often have freezing nights during the summer growing months. Now we need a safe greenhouse to keep our plants in.

But the cats keep using it as a litter box and they ruined the back third of the greenhouse during the winter months.

So we got the plastic up on the walls and then put chicken wire on the bottom to prevent critters from entering. This should stop squirrels and chipmunks as well. Later I will put down some cement patio blocks around the outside to further prevent animals from digging under.

After the plastic and chicken wire were finished I put boards up to hold the plastic in place.

I have some windows that I want to install in order to allow fresh air flow and insects during the warmer times. We can close them at night to keep the heat in when it freezes.

Out on the back side we put chicken wire on the 2 foot tall gap to stop the cat from jumping through and also to act as a window screen. This will allow fresh air and insects to come and go freely. During the winter we can put boards up there to close the window.

I spent an hour or more inside the greenhouse cleaning up the cat litter from the herb beds. I also removed all the old growth from last year to allow the fresh growth to come through.

Many of the plants did well through the winter and are coming back now. But a few did not make it due to either cold or the cats digging. We will see in a couple weeks and then replant what was destroyed. Next year they should do much better though.

I worked on the solar panels a bit, adjusting them for the proper angle of the sun. But the new inverter was not working. I have a new one on the way though and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

I set up a 5th solar panel against the bottom of the solar panel rack. I want to get all my panels connected this season and then keep adding more solar panels with time.

I worked outside till I was tired and then went inside to work on http://www.diytube.video for a while. I worked back and forth. My "breaks" were working on the website. Then it was back outside to work on the greenhouse. This was my first full day back to work after hurting my knee so it really felt good to be working hard again.

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