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How To Get Started Cryptocurrency Mining For Free

How To Get Started Cryptocurrency Mining For Free

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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I started mining cryptocurrency for free and I am going to show you how you can do the same thing.

In the beginning I had no money to spend so I asked around for free computers until I found some. The computers I got were antique Windows XP computers. These were Dell computers which had two to three PCIe slots on each motherboard.

The important thing when starting out is to find computers with PCIe slots. The more, the better but you can start out with one, two or three to get going.

I also found a used graphics card and installed Windows 10 on these old computers. It worked but was very slow. Each computer only had 1GB of RAM but they did run. It was so slow I would hit the power button and come back later to see if the computer was ready for me rather than sit around and wait. But they did work and they did mine. Once the operating system is loaded on a mining rig, the system sits there pretty much at idle most of the time so a powerful computer is not important.

It is the graphics card which does all the work. So get the most powerful one you can find or afford.

I started mining cheap penny coins until I got enough to sell and buy myself some better graphics cards. I kept investing my earnings into better equipment all the time. I paid the electric bill with some and invested the rest back into the system.

Today I have many brand new computer parts to build mining rigs with and I did it all on no investment up front of my own.

If there is enough interest I will continue to make a video series teaching you how to get started mining cryptocurrency yourself for free.


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