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Homestead Garden Updates And Burning Solar Power

Homestead Garden Updates And Burning Solar Power

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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We are picking blueberries, burning excess solar power and working in our homestead garden today.

The blueberries are ripe in mass now and we have been out picking them for days. The berries are much larger this year and so plentiful. It makes it easier to get a large amount now.

Melanie has her new outdoor homestead kitchen set up. We got a free cast iron charcoal grill which she loves very much. She cooks entire meals on this grill now. It reminds her of home with the smell and taste that you get from burning wood and charcoal to cook on.

I am burning excess solar power using cryptocurrency mining rigs. If we are home and the sun is shining bright then I fire up a small rig and let it run to earn some excess free coins.

I am finishing an automatic controller for our off grid solar power homestead which will protect our battery bank if we are gone for a longer period with a load on the solar power. This controller will turn on a battery charger as needed in emergency.

This will allow us to leave a heavy load on the solar power bank and not worry if a storm passes through when we are away. This is for backup only and not for normal daily use though. But it will give us peace when we are away.

Our raised bed greenhouse garden is looking awesome but the normal garden is destroyed by deer and rabbits. I put out some more electric fence wire to hopefully limit the damage but its pretty much too late for most of the garden.

From now on we will concentrate on the raised bed greenhouse gardens because we can control things there much better.

We won the case on the broken solar panels with ebay so they are ours now free and clear. I will start to experiment on them and see if I can get some usable energy out of them.


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