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Freezing Nights Garden Harvest And Packages Arrived

Freezing Nights Garden Harvest And Packages Arrived

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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We had frost at the off grid homestead again but we are harvesting vegetables from our own garden these days. A package arrived which is very helpful for the homestead.

We got up to some very cold weather the other day with a light frost on the ground. It melts when I hold my hand near it so its certainly frost. very light dusting of it but still cold. We still have our winter clothing out this year. We never put it away. We were still heating our home three weeks ago and still need heat on occasion.

We think that there will be another killing frost this year like last year in August. So we have to get the greenhouse closed in asap.

We are harvesting some nice vegetables from our greenhouse though. The raised grow beds in the greenhouse are working out very well for us. These are also easier to maintain and to protect the plants from the elements and animals.

I found out that a rabbit had been eating our garden all along. I saw a very large rabbit in the garden when I got home from work but he ran off too fast for me to react. I have been fighting deer and protecting the garden from deer but I was after the wrong animal.

I got a package in the mail containing 25 diodes which are used in solar panels. I am hoping that I can repair some of the solar panels using the diodes. If I have guessed correctly then these will do the job. They were very affordable anyway so I got a pack just in case.

You can get these diodes here: https://amzn.to/2Ymoju0


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