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Greenhouse Rain Water Explained & Off Grid Computers

Greenhouse Rain Water Explained & Off Grid Computers

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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Today I explain how my very simple greenhouse rain water collection works and how I plan to fully automate this in the future. And I received a package in the mail which is awesome for off grid computers or mining cryptocurrency using computers.

Right now we have a very simple setup for collecting rain water from our smaller greenhouse. I have containers sitting under the overhang of the roof. When it rains, these fill up. Then we use watering cans to water the plants inside the greenhouse.

I hope to automate this by getting a larger, single tank and a solar powered fountain pump. The water pump will push water through a sprinkler system to water the greenhouse when the sun is shining. The drip will be adjusted to allow the water pump to give just the right amount of water as needed. The brighter the sun, the more evaporation from the soil and the more water gets fed into the system. Its a perfect self controlling system.

I got a pico ATX computer power supply in the mail. This is a tiny little power supply for a desktop computer. This replaces your standard power supply and lets you run your computer from a battery bank.

With this setup you can skip the bulky and expensive power inverter and the power supply of the computer. This reduces loss in the lines a lot. Normally when running an off grid computer you have 12/24 or 48 volt battery banks. Then you run this to a power inverter to convert to 120/240 volts. Then you step it back down in the computer power supply to 12 volts for the computer. This is very wasteful.

The pico ATX power supply replaces all of that. I will make a separate video on this subject later. So stay tuned and watch for it.


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