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Automated Solar Power Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Running

Automated Solar Power Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Running

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Today my fully automated solar cryptocurrency mining farm went online - all on its own.

At about 7:20 this morning the micro controller sensed that it was bright enough outside to start mining cryptocurrency using the power of the sun and turned on a mining rig.

I have been developing a fully automatic control system using an Arduino micro computer to turn on and off cryptocurrency mining rigs as the solar power is available.

As the run rises in the sky, the Arduino will turn on mining rigs as the solar power becomes available. If a storm cloud passes through the Arduino will turn off mining rigs to prevent damage to the solar power battery banks.

At night the Arduino will turn off all the mining rigs before the sun sets too low in the sky to allow the battery banks to top off again before dark sets in.

The micro controller has a day/night sensor and a volt meter built into it. Along with some software I wrote, this controls my fully automated solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm.

I can monitor the mining progress remotely by watching the mining pool of whatever cryptocurrency I am mining at the time.

The micro controller is not connected to the internet so there is no possibility of being hacked.

Alarms and cameras protect the entire system from vandals.

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