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Learn About Off Grid Living With This Good For Disaster Too

Learn About Off Grid Living With This Good For Disaster Too

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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This is an awesome off grid solar generator set with LEDs, solar panel, battery bank and more. This is the ultimate beginners solar power system for learning. It is also great for camping, hiking, tenting, disaster preparedness and more.

I spent a lot of time looking for a kit like this which has everything you need to learn about getting off the grid. Most solar power kits are either not complete or require a lead acid battery. Lead acid batteries are not good for beginners because you can ruin them fast if you mess up.

This set has replaceable Li-Ion batteries in the common 18650 design which are easily found. Li-Ion are more rugged and are protected from over discharge and over charging unlike lead acid batteries making these perfect for a beginners kit.

This off grid solar generator kit comes complete with a 10 watt solar panel, battery bank with radio, LED light, MP3 player and more. Plus the kit has three LED lamps on long cords to light up various rooms in your home.

And there is a remote control for working the main unit.

This is the ultimate disaster set to prepare for emergencies or power outages because it can sit there untouched for months yet be ready to use when needed. It has everything you need to provide light, radio and to charge up your mobile devices in an emergency.

For beginners who want to learn about solar power this is the best kit I have seen to date for the entry level price. It has everything you need to learn about solar power and off grid living. For some people living in a camper this may be the only thing you need.

You can buy the off grid solar power kit here: https://amzn.to/2YnRW3j


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