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How To Raise Vibration High | Wonder Womoms

How To Raise Vibration High | Wonder Womoms


1 year
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How To Raise Vibration High | Wonder Womoms

Hello everyone! It’s Nina Lim for WonderWoMoms!

Today, I would just like to talk about how to keep one’s vibrations up. If you are following this channel or
others which talk about the law of attraction, you will be aware that it is quite necessary to keep your
vibes up in order to manifest and manifest optimally.

I have several suggestions because like you, I am still in this world. This means that we share our space
with others who don’t necessarily share our high vibrations. That being said, we have to be aware and
mindful as well as constantly allowing only good energy, high vibrational thoughts enter our space and

Okay, so I suggest that from the time we wake up to the time we put our heads to rest in bed, we are
always equipped with joy and happiness, which is what keeps our vibrations emitting a constant positive
energy to the universe. Remember, we should be aligned with our desires for it to manifest correctly,
and because the law of attraction makes it such that what you put out comes back to you. You don’t
want to put out any negativity, because you would not want any negativity coming to you.


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