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Troubleshoot And Repair A Push Mower That Wont Start

Troubleshoot And Repair A Push Mower That Wont Start

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I got a lawn mower which does not run. Today I decided to see about getting this lawn mower running again.

This is a very good looking lawn mower with no rust or wear visible on the machine or deck. The blade is brand new and has never been used at all.

The engine is clean and seems to have been well cared for.

But it would not run. There was some junk in the gas tank and the gas was a darker yellow color.

So I took off the gas tank and carburetor to see about cleaning it up. But then I found that the pickup tube for the carburetor was laying in the bottom of the gas tank. It had shrunk and would not fit anymore.

I ordered a new tube and also a gasket for the carburetor. I will finish this project when the parts arrive.

For now I hand tightened the screws and bolts back in place so I dont lose anything and pushed it in the garage to wait for parts.


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