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The Curious Case of ProJared   What Really Happened (The Right Opinion reupload)

The Curious Case of ProJared What Really Happened (The Right Opinion reupload)


8 months
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Original upload date: Jul. 4th 2019

Original video description: The Right Opinion: The Curious Case of ProJared - What Really Happened? | | TRO

ProJared, although not the most defined figure in the community, at the time the controversy originally broke, was sitting on over a million subscribers, something not to be taken lightly, but to get there without that much attention on him, must’ve been a fairly gradual climb, and it was, so for those who are wondering I’ll give a brief background into Jared’s journey, before cutting in the crux of today’s topic.

ProJared, or Jared Knabenbauer, started his time on the platform in 2009, working for the website of ScrewAttack, where he appeared to mostly be involved with hosting the show “Hard News”, however, like everything, it would be silly to pass up on opportunities to establish yourself as an independent creator, with your own ventures. So Jared set up his own channel, at the time named DMJared, and released a review on the video game Two Worlds, the then relatively recent role-playing game. The video was well-received and he decided to push on with his content, covering more games and minute reviews, in 2014 he joined Normal Boots, alongside JonTron and PeanutButterGamer, which at that point was for gaming creators to post slightly less YouTube friendly content.

Over the following years, he continued to branch out and network, collaborating with other YouTubers, appearing on multiple podcasts, and leaving his mark wherever he could, however it appeared that YouTube wasn’t the only place that our good friend Jared here was leaving his mark. In his personal life he had apparently developed a strong relationship, and subsequently married a profession artist, and elf girl, by the name of Heidi O’Ferrall, who is at the center of today’s situation. Another character who is also at the center of today’s scenario is someone by the name of Holly Conrad, who Jared had began working with on Dungeons and Dragons projects in the years prior. On the surface, there wasn’t too much to look in to, colleagues getting on, right? Well, over the year prior something didn’t quite seem right, Jared had been uploading less, been a bit quiet on his front, and generally he said he’d been having some mental issues. That’s natural, and most fans aren’t going to assume the worst, so people gave him some space and some time to work things out…

Jared took 10 years to build a following on the platform that he loved, yet it was undone in the space of a few days. What happened?

Well on May the 8th ProJared made a post, this post entailed a rather understandably vague explanation that himself and his wife: Heidi O’Ferrall, were going to split on amicable terms, and end their relationship. Initially, this received support from many people within the community, offering their sympathies. After all, people don’t know the details, we just know that when things don’t seem to be looking so rosy, a break might be welcome.

A welcome break, it was not, and following very shortly after came a post form Heidi, explaining that it was not amicable, Jared had blocked her, and the last year had not been pleasant, including details that Jared had told Heidi that he didn’t even like Holly, she wasn’t allowed to be around his friends, he didn’t want to make his own statement, and had offered her an NDA that she refused to sign. Alright so this is pretty bad, Jared’s been a pretty dishonest spouse it seems,

Comment update highlights: *UPDATE*: I appear to have made a misinterpretation at approximately 17:43, where I state that Holly was implying that Heidi posted that screenshot. It was another screenshot that Jared sent Holly regarding a polyamorous conversation between Heidi and Jared. This does not prove that Heidi had continued a polyamorous relationship past the incident dated in 2018 as the screenshots were from 2017, but it is worth noting. I also have been informed of some testimonies that may alter the credibility of individuals, though the evidence of course is testimonial. Swamp Borzoi has also since deleted their Tweet thread as well.

I also say that the DMs show that Heidi "seemingly asserts a will to remain monogamous", going back to that I think her statement was more relationship-specific than I originally interpreted, though there's still no evidence that she didn't honour that commitment regardless.

References: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KDrytnXxhH1At4PaewWS8elpYMqXjwvvfaBON-Klyus/edit?usp=sharing

Original video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8LVD2kO4TE


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