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Making Lumber Mill Portable On Camper Trailer

Making Lumber Mill Portable On Camper Trailer

The Do It Yourself World

6 months
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I put my chainsaw lumber mill on a camper trailer to make it portable. Under Michigan State law I can haul my portable lumber mill anywhere without plates or registration.

It also allows me to put a lean to shelter over the lumber mill. The township wont let me put a tarp over the lumber mill because then it is considered a "shed" and would have to be permitted, have building inspectors and all kinds of paperwork. All I want is a tarp over my mill so I can run it in any weather.

So I got a camper trailer and put my lumber mill on it. Now I can put a shelter over the mill legally and also take it to the the source of logs instead of hauling logs to the lumber mill.

Last year I gutted an old camper and was allowed to keep anything inside that I wanted. I got a beautiful antique wood cook stove for free which I brought home the other day. And this trailer, which I immediately saw as a frame for the lumber mill.

Having a mobile lumber mill means I can take it out into the woods and cut the lumber on site. I can also take this to people's properties and earn some money cutting lumber for them on location.

A mobile lumber mill really opens up doors.

Next spring I plan to paint the entire trailer and put decking around the mill so I can walk and work around it.


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