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Beginners Electronics ~ Understanding The Diode & Bridge Rectifier

Beginners Electronics ~ Understanding The Diode & Bridge Rectifier

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3 years
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How to identify a diode, understand the schematic diagram and how a diode works. Read the full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11472

A diode is one of the most common electronics components. A diode function is very simple. It acts like a one way valve, allowing electricity to flow in one direction but blocking it from flowing in the other direction.

Please refer to the article linked above for more details and diagrams to help you better understand how a diode works.

A diode has a silver bar on its case. This indicates the negative lead on the diode. The other lead then is the positive wire.

A diode is useful for controlling the flow of electricity in a circuit.

A bridge rectifier diode is actually a series of four diodes together in one case.

The bridge rectifier diode is used to filter AC into DC current. The four diodes direct the flow of electricity into their respective positive and negative terminals giving you a sort of pulsed DC output.

We will cover this in more detail later in a future project.

A diode schematic diagram looks like a triangle pointing to a bar with two leads coming out. The bar is again the negative lead of the diode.

Stay tuned for more beginners electronics videos.


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