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Sorting Separating And Stacking My Tiny Home Construction Materials

Sorting Separating And Stacking My Tiny Home Construction Materials

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I spent quite a long time on Wednesday sorting out my new free wood and pallets which I got to build my tiny home with.

There are a lot of clean 2x2 oak boards which will be perfect for cabinet and shelf framing in my new tiny house on wheels.

I stripped the cardboard off the 2x2 lumber and stacked the boards in my garden tractor trailer. The cardboard will be used on my garden walkways. This will help keep the weeds down a lot.

Under my carport I put down the largest of the pallets I got to keep the rest of the wood off the ground. Then I stacked all the pallet wood and materials onto that.

I have a bunch of particle board in various sizes. The smallest piece is 4 x 4 and the largest is 4 x 6 feet. I am not sure yet where I will use this but it will be put to good use. I may use some inside the chicken coop if the birds will not peck at it. I have to put a piece in with the chickens to make sure they will not. This stuff will be perfect for the interior walls for them.

Four of the long pallets will be used for the outside framing of the chicken coop. Some of the fiberglass insulation from the old camper can be used to insulate the chicken coop, if its not too badly torn up from mice.

This was a good haul with a lot of nice, clean oak boards. It will look nice in my tiny home.

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