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Demolishing My Camper To Use The Frame For A Tiny House

Demolishing My Camper To Use The Frame For A Tiny House

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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So, some of you have seen a glimpse of this on my trophy bass video. I did not realize you could see the camper in the background.

For anyone joining my channel now, I am gutting out my old rotting camper to use the frame for a tiny house on wheels. I plan to build a fully insulated 2x4 framed house on wheels as my home.

The old camper was badly damaged by water when I got it but I patched it up and lived in it for about two years. Last summer I got an RV for only $150 which I renovated with the help from my viewers and used that as my home.

Winters are very cold here in the North and a camper or RV is no place to live really. Unless you close off a tiny portion of your already small living space, you will be cold in a camper in winter.

For this reason I will build my tiny home on wheels.

I am stripping down the camper so I can use the bare frame for my new home.

I started out by removing all the windows. This was quite a job because all the windows have about 60 screws each. I did not want any glass to clean up so these had to be properly removed before demolition of the camper could begin.

I pulled apart some of the rotting parts of the old camper by hand for now and got some of the appliances out of the way before the interior demolition can really begin.

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