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How To Build A Bedini SSG Series ~ Attaching The Magnets

How To Build A Bedini SSG Series ~ Attaching The Magnets

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3 years
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This is the next part in the series on how to build a radiant energy pulse motor otherwise known as the Bedini Simplified School Girl motor. Read the full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11538

Today we put the magnets on the rotor. Now how many magnets you need and how you space them depends on the rotor that you are using. The size of the rotor will make a difference here.

I bought new magnets that are all matching for this Bedini motor since I am going to make it look very nice and build it up properly to be a bit stronger than the basic SSG motor.

On a typical bicycle wheel you can count the spokes. I put my magnets on every second spoke, giving me a total of 16 magnets.

Center the magnet over a spoke and put a few drops of super glue on to hold the magnet in place. The super glue should wick under the magnet and make a good contact with the bike wheel.

I used a screw driver to hold the wheel from spinning while I put on the next magnet. Again put a magnet on every second spoke.

After I had all the magnets on the wheel I next used hot glue to even better secure them to the rim. This step is optional but I prefer to have the magnets more secure to stop clattering later. The magnets may eventually work loose and clatter, which is not a nice sound.

After that, I used some hot glue to balance the wheel as shown in a previous article.

When the wheel is balanced then you can moved to the next step.

I used some fiber reinforced packaging tape to wrap around the magnets. Wrap it two times firmly and tightly around the entire wheel. This will keep the magnets in place even better and ensure that no magnet can fly off if the glue ever comes undone.

Now your rotor is finished.

Stay tuned for the next step in the series on how to build a Bedini Motor.


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