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RV Fridge Blew Out Deadly Ammonia Now Running A Fridge On Solar Power

RV Fridge Blew Out Deadly Ammonia Now Running A Fridge On Solar Power

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Saturday morning the RV fridge started to vent poisonous ammonia gas into the RV. I had to open the windows and door and put up some fans.

It took three hours before all the gasses were out of the fridge, and into the RV. Then it took another three hours before the RV was aired out enough for me to return to it.

Baby cat stayed in the meadow with the chickens while I worked outside for a while.

In the night my fridge must have turned into a heater because at 8 am when I checked the fridge, everything inside was hot and the fins inside the fridge were hot. The milk spoiled overnight.

Then minutes later the pipes blew and ammonia gas was seeping out into the RV.

I had just purchased groceries the day before and now I lost all my food.

I cleaned up the filthy fridge that was on my landlady's porch. It was brand new last year and only used to keep some food out there when I was gone to Australia. Rats had been all over it though and made a mess of it.

With some decent cleaners it was all white and new again though.

I hooked it up to my solar RV pure sine wave power inverter and watched the voltage of the RV battery bank carefully the rest of the evening.

It took a lot of power to cool down the fridge but that is to be expected when it is first turned on. I will keep an eye on it during the next few days to be sure I can run the fridge on my solar power bank.

Cleanup of the yard is going well. Since I could not go near the RV all day, I worked out at the old camper demolition site.

For those who are not yet aware or are dropping in later in the game, I have demolished my old water damaged camper to use the frame for a tiny house on wheels which I will build.

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