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Got Some Tiny Home Building Supplies And Painting The Trailer

Got Some Tiny Home Building Supplies And Painting The Trailer

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Saturday I picked up a free door for my tiny home and some other building supplies. The construction of my tiny house on wheels will begin soon.

I found a nice free door with a frame on CL a few days back and it took me until Saturday to organize transportation to pick it up. While I was there, the guy also gave me two huge bags full of fiberglass insulation which I can use either in my chicken coop or my tiny house flooring.

The door is really nice, all wood with three glass windows. It is not double insulated but it looks very nice and will fit with my tiny house well. I have to strip the door and refinish it though but that will be easy enough. The frame was included and it even has a deadbolt in place. I did not get the key but I can probably have one made easy enough.

While in town I picked up the lumber that I need to put together my tiny house floor joists. I got all the fasteners needed as well.

On the way back home there was an antique yard sale and I found a beautiful old wooden desk with a flip up lid. This is a larger version of the childrens desks of the old days. The desk has a huge storage area under the lid and storage shelves on the back side. It is in very good condition and sold for next to nothing. This is going to be perfect for the study of my new tiny house on wheels.

I will assemble the tiny house floor in two halves. This will make it easier for me to handle and work with alone. I plan to build one 10x12 foot half and then flip it over so I can nail on some aluminum flashing. This will mouse proof the flooring. Then I will flip it back over onto the trailer frame and caulk all the seams to make the floor air tight and insect proof.

I will build both halves of the floor in the same way.

It took almost the whole day just to pick up the supplies and get back home. I did not get to work on the trailer frame until about 6 pm.

My fridge had drained the solar battery bank down to nothing again so I unplugged it and ran my DC generator for a while to top off the batteries again. I am done with the fridge. I will not use it anymore.

I used my little HF generator to power a hand drill with a wire brush to scuff up the trailer frame and get the rust off. I figured I might have time to finish half of the frame so I started at the back bumper and worked up to the back of the first wheel.

Then I use an air compressor to blow off all the dirt and dust to prepare for painting.

A cheap dollar store paint brush helped me get a coat of paint onto the trailer frame. I ran out of day light so I had to wrap it up before I was done painting though.

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