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How To Make Bedini SSG Radiant Energy Device ~ The Coil Core

How To Make Bedini SSG Radiant Energy Device ~ The Coil Core

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3 years
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How to make a Bedini Simplified School Girl radiant energy motor to restore lead acid batteries. Read the full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11554

This is the next part in the series - the coil core.

For this step you need some lincoln R60 welding rod or some soft iron wire such as baling wire.

This must be soft iron due to its magnetic properties. Soft iron magnetizes quickly and then loses its magnetism.

The wire must be coated either with paint, varnish, heavy rust or some other non electrically conductive material. This reduces what are called "eddy currents" in the coil core which are losses in the coil.

Cut the wire to fit the length of the coil and fill the center of the coil with the wire pieces until it is full. Then stuff it some more until you are hammering pieces of wire in.

You want the wires to be tight in the center of the core so none can work loose and hit a magnet later on.

Be careful when pounding the wires into the core. You do not want to over stuff the core and break the plastic spool. And you dont want to accidentally hit the spool and break it.

When you are finished, use super glue to secure the wire permanently.

That is it. Your Bedini motor coil is now finished and ready to go.

Watch for the next part in the Bedini Radiant Energy device series.


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