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Gokart Repairs And Prepping My Tiny Home Trailer

Gokart Repairs And Prepping My Tiny Home Trailer

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Wednesday I worked on the gokart some more and got the trailer for my tiny house turned around. It is a miracle this even happened. See why.

In the morning I changed the oil on the gokart I was working on the night before. It came out milky which means that the previous owners had run it with water in the oil. That is not good for an engine at all. I will later change the oil again after running it a bit to make sure all the water is out of the engine.

The engine probably has some water in the overhead valves because it was shooting water out of the brand new carburetor. This means that the engine had water in it. I am surprised the thing even turned over at all. It is running rough as the water works out of the engine. The engine is not smoking though so the rings are probably still good. And the compression feels strong when I pull start the engine.

I left the gokart on blocks and let the engine run for a while to clean itself out. After a while I tried to take it for a ride but the engine has no power to pull me. And it has no throttle response. The lever moves when I press the gas pedal but the governor does not respond to the throttle.

The engine did smooth out some though after a while and idles better.

The next project was to take my riding garden tractor and attempt to turn my tiny house trailer frame around. This turned out to be impossible alone. As I was standing there talking to the camera about how I cannot do this alone, a man came walking out of the woods and said he could help.

This is the strangest thing and seemed like a prayer answer. He came out of the woods, not down the path or the driveway but out of the woods, right up to where I was working.

He helped me get the trailer turned around 180 degrees with man power and the help of the garden tractor. The garden tractor is very tough and powerful. The only limitation on its power is that the wheels are slipping on the wet ground.

But eventually we got the trailer turned around and positioned how I wanted it. That is a huge accomplishment for me. Now I can begin construction on my tiny house.

In the afternoon it rained again so I worked inside the RV. We have had thunderstorms constantly for about ten days now. I get about two to three thunderstorms per day here now.

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