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Rainy Day At The Off Grid Homestead Running My Gokart

Rainy Day At The Off Grid Homestead Running My Gokart

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Monday it rained on and off all day so there was no construction done on the tiny house on wheels. I left it under the tarp safely covered.

I mostly worked indoors on the computer during the day. I also had a farewell lunch meeting with someone who is leaving for Europe for a month of travels. This took up most of the afternoon.

While in town I visited Lowes to get some more ideas for the interior of my tiny home. I found a refrigerator with a "soft freeze" which can actually be turned up as high as 50 degrees F. This is a chest freezer with two halves. A freezer and fridge combo. It is perfect. It costs two times the one I was previously look at. But it only uses 1.1 amp of power at 115 volts AC. The other problem is its size. It is quite large for my tiny house so I have to keep it in thought for later.

In the evening I figured it was still raining lightly but not enough to keep me indoors. There was no thunder so it was safe to be out for once. So I worked on the gokart. I finally found my sea foam and put some in the gas tank. I propped the wheels up off the ground, fired it up and let the engine run for a while on a high idle to burn the filth out of the engine.

The engine smoothed out after a while.

I dragged it out and turned it around and then propped up the wheels again. The engine was also getting better throttle response when I pressed the gas pedal. So I sat in it, gave it a bit of gas, gave it a shake to knock it off the block which held the wheels up and took off in my gokart.

It was slow at first but running under load really cleaned the engine up and it improved a lot. I had a really good time for about an hour or so riding all over the place.

I hit a rock at one time though and oh did it hurt my back. These things do not have any sort of suspension so all the shock went right up my back.

It was a lot of fun and I got fully soaked from the rain and wet grass.

At one point the drive chain fell off and I put it back on but it fell off again twice more. I realized the clutch was slipping off the drive shaft of the engine. After tightening it, the gokart handled nicely and ran well.

It is too rough out here though in the meadow for a little gokart so I might paint it and sell it to get money to build my tiny house on wheels.

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