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Thunderstorms And Cleaning Up The Off Grid Homestead

Thunderstorms And Cleaning Up The Off Grid Homestead

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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It rained on and off all day so sadly I never touched the camera much but I got a lot done at the off grid homestead.

During the first half of the day I worked inside due to all the thunderstorms passing over. It is dangerous to be out in lightning so I worked on the computer until lunch.

In the late afternoon the rain finally stopped with no threats of lightning so I worked in the yard chopping up the rest of the old camper that I demolished to prepare for a tiny house on the camper frame.

I used a reciprocating saw, hand saw and an ax to cut the rest of the old camper into manageable pieces and dragged them all over to a pile near the drive way.

I move some wood and other scraps and stacked up the wood in the wood pile behind my storage tent. The tent will eventually be moved and the wood pile will be close to the tiny house for a winter wood supply.

After cleaning up the trash in the middle of my work place I drove the truck back into the woods and up to the carport so I could unload the plywood I just got as payment for the lumber yard clean up job.

I stacked the wood neatly onto a pallet under the carport and covered it with tarps to protect it from the elements. I have 23 whole 4x8 sheets of tongue and groove plywood and 17 half sheets. That is a lot of wood. It will be very useful here on the homestead.

Then I rushed into town to see if a pile of wooden pallets was still at the small engine shop. I saw then earlier while I was in town picking up some supplies.

I got a package in the mail from Link Knight from Australia. He sent me a pure ounce of silver and a gram of pure gold. Plus some screwdriver bits for use on my tiny home construction. Thank you Link for a beautiful gift.

Sadly I did not record much of my work because I was absolutely filthy from the work and it was threatening to rain the whole time so I left the camera inside during the whole time I was out working.

I need to get my web cameras installed and working but I am having trouble with the new dyn dns service. They changed the system. It used to be free and now they have three subscription plans but it is a bit confusing which one I need. I had signed up for one of the plans but I guess I had the wrong one. I tried to get customer service to help me but never got an answer. I eventually cancelled the subscription to the account and am trying to get help.

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