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Installing Ceiling Vent Baffles And Insulation In My Tiny House S23

Installing Ceiling Vent Baffles And Insulation In My Tiny House S23

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Monday I picked up some building supplies for my tiny house on wheels. I got some ceiling vent baffles and some insulation for the ceiling.

I spent the morning sorting out my gear from the weekend off road adventures and also airing things out after being in a backpack for so long. I had not been out with this gear in almost a year now and it was not fresh smelling anymore to put it simply.

After that I headed into town to get some ceiling vent baffles and insulation for my tiny house.

The vent baffles went in very well and quickly. They are easy to handle and very light weight. You only need about six staples per baffle.

Next I tried to install the ceiling insulation myself. This was not going well at all. I got four rows in before deciding to wait for help. It was just too hard to handle that stuff alone and I got covered in itchy insulation fibers all over.

I will continue this when John comes over next time.

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