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Snow Things Explained And Your Opinion Please For The Tiny House

Snow Things Explained And Your Opinion Please For The Tiny House

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I got some snow on the ground for the first time. Well, the first time I have seen it. It was actually the second snow but the first was while I was in Michigan for Thanksgiving.

I explain some things around here at The Off Grid Project ™. There seems to be some confusion about my firewood situation.

In spring I downed some live trees and cut them into logs thinking they would cure for winter. I was wrong. They are burning poorly and creating a lot of creosote in the wood stove pipe in the tiny house.

There are a lot of dead standing trees all over the place so I am not very stressed out about the wood situation though. I can always cut some dead trees as needed throughout the winter months.

And now I have tons of barn wood to burn as needed too. I cut three to five days worth of wood at a time and keep it in a dry place. I do hope to get caught up and ahead on the wood pile but I have burnt the little bit of dry and cured firewood that I did have under a tarp. It was not much really. Most of my wood was green.

I am going through about two gallons of water per day on the top of the wood stove to add moisture into the air in my tiny house on wheels. This is quite a bit but I am maintaining a comfortable 30% now.

The wood stove thermometer I got in the mail is serving me well. Three times a day I burn the wood stove hot to burn off the creosote in the pipes. This prevents dangerous buildup which can lead to a chimney fire.

I found some bits and pieces that I can use for my coat rack next to the door of the tiny house on wheels. I am waiting for your suggestions on which ones I should use for the coat rack.

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