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Installing My Tiny House Shower Pt 2

Installing My Tiny House Shower Pt 2

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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This is the second part of my tiny house shower installation. If you missed part 1, please see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf4d84Ym-Xg

I had previously marked out the place where my shower drain will pass through the floor. But it was late in the evening and I did not want an open hole in my tiny house floor so I stopped right there.

The next day I drilled out the hole with a hole saw made for a power drill. It is very old but still works well. It has a drill bit in the center and an adjustable set of three cutting blades.

I cut a perfectly neat hole for the PVC pipe to pass through the floor.

I got lucky and found that my pipe passes right through the exact same place where the original drain pipe was for the old camper. This tiny house is build on a camper trailer. I had gutted out the camper in summer so I could use the trailer for my tiny home.

I used the original camper plastic sheet under my tiny house. This is a thick sheet of plastic that sits between my aluminum flashing and the trailer frame to prevent galvanic reaction between the two metals.

The original drain hole in the plastic lines right up with my new shower drain hole.

The fittings on the bottom of the shower base are larger than the drain pipe and cause the shower base to sit off the floor a bit. This means that I had to build a 2 inch thick platform under the shower base so that the drain could fit underneath properly.

I used some of my old reclaimed barn wood and build a frame out of 2x6 lumber. Then an old piece of plywood from the barn was used to make a flat floor for the shower base. This gives the shower base a perfectly flat and full floor with no gaps. This takes all the stress off the shower base and will prevent strain and cracks in the future.

I had made all my measurements indoors earlier and went outside to my work bench to cut the boards to fit my shower base.

Part 3, the final install, is coming soon.

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