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Finishing Off Grid Tiny House Loft Bedroom Insulation & Radiant Foil

Finishing Off Grid Tiny House Loft Bedroom Insulation & Radiant Foil

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I started working on the upstairs loft bedroom of my tiny house on wheels. First I had to finish the insulation upstairs before I could begin with the radiant foil.

I had to put up a nailer near the ceiling of my tiny house loft bedroom. This was a simple 2x4 nailed to the ceiling.

Next I stuff insulation in the rest of the holes I never finished before.

When all the spaces were filled I put in some 1x2 furring strips to keep the radiant foil away from the wall of the tiny house. This gives me a 3/4 inch gap between the insulation and radiant foil. Radiant foil need at least a 3/4 inch space on both sides in order to keep out summer heat and keep in the winter heat.

So far in this video I managed to get one wall covered with the radiant foil. The second part of the job is on the way soon.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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