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Tiny House Construction Continues

Tiny House Construction Continues

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I am back to work on the tiny house construction. It has been raining for days so I am working inside the tiny house on wheels.

I hope to finish the tiny house before Melanie comes home to live in the US. We are praying that she will be here by December. We are going to bring her home on a Fiance Visa, which can take from 3 to 6 months on average but sometimes goes faster.

I have been working upstairs in the tiny house bedroom loft.

I cleaned out the bedroom which has been a storage space since I began working on the tiny house about a year ago. I had to remove all the boxes and clothes before I could work on the walls.

I then removed the gravity feed water tanks. When I started building the tiny house I did plan to have a wife one day. So I built the tiny house large enough for two people. But I was single at the time so I put in the water tanks upstairs for a gravity feed system.

Now, with Melanie on the way, I removed the water tanks from the bedroom loft to make room for a full sized bed.

I also need to put in shelves and closets for her clothes and personal items.

So the next step was to finish insulating the last bedroom wall. I had never finished the upstairs yet. It was not a priority for me before. Last winter was hot in here with the tiny house wood stove so I did not worry about the upstairs yet.

But now it is time to finish the tiny house loft spaces.

After finishing the insulation, next came the furring strips for the radiant foil. The radiant barrier stops heat from escaping the tiny house in winter and prevents the heat of summer from entering the tiny house on wheels. This is a double sided barrier. So it needs an air gap on both sides in order to function properly.

I put furring strips on the walls to space the radiant foil from the insulation.

It was time to install the radiant foil. But sadly, after the first sheet, I ran out of pieces large enough to finish the job. I have finished the entire downstairs of my tiny home with radiant foil that I had traded a trailer for. But I ran out.

So I had to run into town, which is a 2 to 3 hour trip. For some reason travel in NY takes double the time per mile to get anywhere.

I got a roll of radiant foil and then finished the last wall of the tiny house bedroom loft with the radiant barrier. It was nearly 11 pm so it was time to call it a day.

Next I will put on the last furring strips and then the OSB sheets to finish the bedroom walls. Then I can build in the shelves and closets.

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