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Rainy Day ~ Cleaning Off Grid Rain Water Tanks ~ Blog Work

Rainy Day ~ Cleaning Off Grid Rain Water Tanks ~ Blog Work

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I was raining hard all day so I spent the time working on the rain water collection system and did some computer work inside.

I let about 50 gallons of water pour from the rain water collection system into my big 275 gallon IBC tote. Then I switched the water over to fill up the 40 gallon tank which is my backup for now.

I also siphoned off some of the water from the 40 gallon tank into the 20 gallon tank which feeds my tiny house on wheels. I filled that up and then allowed the larger 40 gallon tank to top off during the heavy rain fall.

I used a broom to wash out the large IBC Tote. It had algae in it and needed a cleaning. After cleaning up the algae, I emptied the tote onto the ground. As the water poured out I kept sweeping with the broom to ensure that all the algae got out.

I then swapped the rain water supply to pour back into the large tote. After an hour or so it had another 40 gallons of water in it. I used this water to rinse out the tank one more time and then emptied it.

I left the rain water supply on the large 275 gallon tank in order to get some extra backup water.

During breaks between working on the water tanks, I was inside working on the my blog. I had lost all my photos when I switched over to a new server. I have to recreate all the photos one by one from all the years of blog posts. This is a large job and has to be done since my websites are a valuable source of income for me.

You can read the full blog post here:

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