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Setting Up A 4 GPU Altcoin Mining Rig

Setting Up A 4 GPU Altcoin Mining Rig

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3 years
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Setting up a four GPU altcoin mining rig using a nice Gigabyte motherboard I picked up on craigslist the other day.

This motherboard has five PCI e slots which makes it the best board I have in the house right now. My second best is a 3 PCIE motherboard.

I first started out with a single graphics card directly in the first PCI-E slot and fired up the computer. I let Windows set up the drivers and do its work before restarting the computer.

After it was fully rebooted I shut the computer down again and installed a second graphics card on a riser. Then I booted up the computer and let Windows find the card and install the drivers.

I use MSI Afterburner to see if the card is installed and working properly. This program gives me a lot of data on the cards.

I did the same thing until I had four graphics cards installed and running.

Sometimes Windows will shut off the display and you think the computer has crashed. This is normal and I see it a lot. Just let the computer work for a while and generally the display will come back on again.

Once I had all four cards installed I turned on the fans to high speed in Afterburner.

Then I started my mining program and - wow - all the shares I was getting!!

It was so awesome to see so many shares all at one time. Each green line is another share found.

This is really exciting.

I need to buy another card and get it mining on this motherboard with the others. I am going to keep this mining rig running with all matching cards.

Thanks for watching.

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