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A Horribly Sad Day At The Off Grid Homestead

A Horribly Sad Day At The Off Grid Homestead

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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This is a very sad day for me out here at the off grid homestead. The old man who owned this property died this morning at 5 am. I have spent about 4 years with this family so I am very sad.

I was just there two days ago visiting with the two of them. Him and his wife. He was just fine then.

I was over again yesterday afternoon and she was worried about him. He had said he was not feeling well and he was sweaty and clammy. Since this bad virus has been going around and everyone has been sick we thought he must have the bug.

That night at 2 am she had checked on him and his sugar was high. He was sweating badly but otherwise in not much discomfort other than saying he felt ill.

At 5 am he was dead. He went quietly and without much suffering she told me.

Later in the morning I went with my neighbor to look for a mattress for Melanie and I. I had no idea how big a job this was. It took the better part of the day to find the perfect mattress for us. I had to literally lay on a whole lot of mattresses until I found the right one. In the end I spent about half an hour on the mattress I preferred in order to make sure it was going to be the right one.

It will be ready for pick up on Tuesday.

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