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Review of WT4 Tactical Assault Crossbow  inspired in the legendary M4 Colt  tactical carbine

Review of WT4 Tactical Assault Crossbow inspired in the legendary M4 Colt tactical carbine

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3 years
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This bad boy is a concept crossbow inspired in the legendary M4 Colt tactical carbine. It has an aluminum body, nylon stock and steel limbs.
This crossbow is designed to shoot steel balls with high accuracy, it has a military style cannon tip do increase accuracy.
It also has a magazine for steel balls that loads by itself.
This crossbow looks as if it was extrapolated from the virtual worlds of Call of Duty and manifested as a solid object in the 3rd dimension. Based on the legendary WT4 Colt tactical carbine this is definitely one of the coolest tactical crossbows for sale online at the moment.

This really is an amazing tactical crossbow. It is visually stunning for one and looks absolutely menacing. It has a way of appearing both stealthy and dangerous at the same time. The red dot sight conveys a feeling of confidence and accuracy when looking down-barrel at your target. It also gives you the ability to steady your aim while looking through the scope with one eye and simultaneously using the red dot for increased accuracy. With both of these methods employed you will be all the more likely to pierce your target with a bulls eye each time you fire. The SWAT light attachment shines a super-bright beam of light right at your target and lights up the entire area so you can maneuver around at night without stumbling over obstacles. The blue wolf’s eye attachment shines a dim yet revealing beam of cool blue light into the darkness to light up your targets while still remaining stealthy and hidden from view. The bow has a 180 round magazine which holds 5 gram (8 mm) steel ball bearings which are automatically loaded into the firing chamber each time the bow is cocked. This bow has a draw weight of 180 pounds and weighs in at a maneuverable 6.83 pounds. This bow is highly accurate and effective up to 82 yards (248 feet). This crossbow comes equipped with two featherless arrows and one two-pronged fishing arrow for all of you avid hunters out there.

32 X 4 scope

Very accurate

Wolf eyes light (optional)

Laser sight

Tactical light

Cannon tip

Cylindrical deck

Foldable handle,

180 balls magazine

Self clocking capability.

Stock: Nylon
Body: aluminum .
Limbs : steel
Weight : 6.82 lbs
Draw weight 150 lbs
Feeding mode : Manual – magazine .
Effective range : 246 ft
FPS: 250
Overall size:28*21*11.31 inches

2- three featherless arrow
80 8 mm steel balls.
Tactical light
Laser sight
Wolf eyes light


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