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Making Reclaimed Barn Wood Entertainment Center 4 My Study

Making Reclaimed Barn Wood Entertainment Center 4 My Study

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2 years
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I built an entertainment center in my off grid tiny house loft using reclaimed barn wood. This will not be my office in my tiny house on wheels.

I am moving my office to the study. The study will be a place to relax, study and read my Bible. But it will also be my office and place of work. I am moving my books, videos and computer stuff to the office now. This frees up the downstairs and the living room to be used as a normal living room.

I have had my computer on my table all this time up to now. When I have guests over I have to scramble to clear it all off to make room for serving.

With Melanie on the way I want to set up the tiny house like a normal home. Melanie will have the entire rest of the house to herself to manage as she sees fit. I will withdraw to the study so she has space for her own things. My books will be in my study to free up the book shelves for her as well.

Surprisingly even with the antique writing desk and the entertainment center in there I still have room to put in a cot for a guest to sleep. Or if I need a nap one day and Melanie is busy working on something I can use the study.

My off grid tiny home is made of mostly recycled materials. I am hoping to make a green and energy efficient home by reducing the need for outside resources. By using recycled materials and reclaimed lumber I am reducing the load on land fills and reducing the cost of my tiny house on wheels.

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