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Putting Free Tarps On My Pallet Wood Shed

Putting Free Tarps On My Pallet Wood Shed

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I am putting tarps on the outside of my pallet wood sugar shack to keep the weather out. The maple sap is flowing and I have to get my sugar shack finished and start processing maple syrup.

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I urgently need to get the sugar shack wind and water proof so that I can start maple syrup production. The season does not wait for me and this year it started very early. You get about a month each year for this and that is it. Then it is over.

I have these free tarps from the lumber yard. They were used to cover lumber on pallets during transportation. Then they are discarded. I can get them for free.

They are the perfect cover for the sugar shack until I can get it covered property with siding and roofing materials.

I started on the roof first because it is the most important. After that anything else is just a bonus.

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