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AMD 6770 Monero Mining On MinerGate

AMD 6770 Monero Mining On MinerGate

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3 years
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I recently got an AMD Radeon 6770 in a trade and tried it out on altcoin mining using the GUI mining program MinerGate.

Now first understand MinerGate is meant to run in the background while you work on your computer so this is not going to max out your resources or really tax your system at all. Your earnings are not going to be as high as they could be with direct mining software in my experience.

I set up the AMD 6770 on top of an old PC using a riser card. This graphics card needs an extra power connection in order to power up so I had to wire it all up.

When I got the software drivers installed properly then I started MinerGate running and started mining XMR with both the CPU and GPU of the computer.

The GPU was hitting about 46 hash at the time.

I left the computer running for 24 hours to see what results I would get.

During this test I got 3,204 shares in a 24 hour period. This resulted in earnings of 0.00083351012 Monero.

And that was equal to about 0.0268 USD in earnings.

You are not going to get rich mining XMR using this card and PC combination on MinerGate by any means.

I have seen expected hashrates that double this though using proper mining software. If I can get something working with this older card, I will show the results on a video.

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