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Major Homestead Cleanup Work Today

Major Homestead Cleanup Work Today

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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We are really cleaning up the homestead the past week. We have a crew coming out to expand the meadow in a couple days so we need to clear a path for them to come out and work.

The self propelled lawn mower I fixed up is running very well. I had thought it was an oil burner but it cleaned itself up nicely. I believe it had just been stored on its side at one point and it had to burn out the oil. I am going to put a new blade on it and give it an oil change. This machine runs so well and makes my job easy that it is worth keeping.

In order to allow the dump trucks to get through I had to remove the pallet wood picket fence. I will move it back behind where the motorhome currently is when I put it back up.

I got the proper connectors for my new solar battery bank so I put them right on the wires and connected the last two Trojan golf cart batteries to my off grid solar tiny home.

These are the best batteries I have had on the off grid tiny house on wheels so far.

Chris helped me removing the old forklift batteries from their case. I opened one up to see if they were any good and found that they had literally decayed inside. This battery had not been taken care of properly at all during its life. There was nothing to save inside these old forklift battery cells.

We are taking these in to the scrap metal yard for some money.

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