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ThruNite TN42C Flashlight Hardcore Field Test   Up To 5 Miles

ThruNite TN42C Flashlight Hardcore Field Test Up To 5 Miles

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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ThruNite sent me their TN42C super powered spotlight to try out here at the off grid homestead. This has a beam range of 1,500 yards/meters and can easily be seen from 5 miles away.

Read the full article review here: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11345

The ThruNite TN42 has a single CREE LED light with a life span of 20 years. This is impressive for an LED flashlight.

Melanie and I have been using the ThruNite TN42C for about a month daily. Melanie loves this light and has sort of claimed it as her own now. With such a super bright light you can be sure to see anything out in the woods at night. The TN42C lights up the forest like day.

Actually this light is so bright that you can see the beam during full sunlight in the snow and during the day time. This is the first light I ever had that was brighter than the shining sun on the ground.

In Michigan we took this light with us for a range test. My Dad was in one vehicle and we were in another. We went up to five miles away from one another and my Dad could clearly see this flashlight outshining all other lights in the night from a full 5 miles away. I am sure we could have gone even ten miles with this light.

I put this light through some stress test back at the homestead. I left it out overnight in snow and freezing rain to see what would happen. The next morning I dug the light out of the snow and ice and it was just fine.

One night wile camping Melanie and I heard a deer walking through the forest. We had the ThruNite TN42C flashlight with us and we could see the deer walking by clear as day. She did not seem disturbed by us at all though.

The ThruNite TN42C flashlight is the same as the TN42 but with ThruNite's rechargeable battery pack. The TN42 flashlight uses the standard 18650 batteries.

The ThruNite TN42C super bright spot light has multiple modes of operation ranging from super low firefly mode to night piercing turbo mode.

With 2,000 Lumens of intensity this is the brightest spotlight I have ever held in my hand. The only thing that comes even close is the ThruNite TN40 flashlight which I have previously reviewed.

Please click on the article link above for full details and the stress test results of the ThruNite TN42C spotlight.

You can find the ThruNite TN42 series of flashlights on their site here:

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