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Clearing Out The Off Grid Homestead & Unboxing Packages

Clearing Out The Off Grid Homestead & Unboxing Packages

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2 years
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Our internet has been out for most of 10 days so I have not been able to upload videos. This video took me 60 hours to get live.

The internet comes on and goes out but for the most part it is more out than on. I had the technician out here Monday but it still does not work. They are supposed to come out again today.

We have been busy packing up our lives to make the move to Michigan.

I sold some of the larger items already. The popup camper is gone. So is the red Jeep and the horse trailer. We have sold some smaller things as well. Anything we cannot take back with us is going up for sale.

The snow is still on the ground and this is slowing down our move. We need to have firm ground in order to get a moving truck in here. Actually it makes moving out the larger things a mess. Only a 4 wd truck can get back here right now so that limits who I can sell stuff to.

We spend our days packing boxes and stacking them up out of the way so there is not much interesting to show you anyway these days until we get closer to our move.

I received a couple packages in the mail. One box contained two camping LED lanterns from Hamswan which are pretty cool. They have three light colors. There is warm white, cold and medium color. The lanterns also have a unique feature in that they accept both AA and AAA batteries. There are two battery chambers, one for each type of battery. I like this. Often I have one or the other but not both.

I will be doing a full test and review of these lights in the coming days and weeks. We immediately put them to use in our off grid tiny house on wheels.

You can find the LED lanterns here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WRRM11X

I received another package which contained a 7 foot telescoping fishing pole. This is a very fine looking pole with good sensitivity from my first look at it. The reel fasteners are all machined metal instead of the usual plastic which means this is a quality pole.

The eyes are all reinforced for longer life as well.

This is a very light weight fishing rod which packs up neatly into a small space. It comes with a carrying case as well to protect it during transportation.

I will be doing a full review on this soon in Michigan. The perch run is starting and I cant wait to get out there and try this out.

You can get yours here:

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