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Working In Off Grid Wood Shop & Office During Rainy Days

Working In Off Grid Wood Shop & Office During Rainy Days

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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It rained for two entire days without letting up so I worked in the off grid wood shop and office.

I cleaned up the off grid wood shop and organized it some more. I picked up a shelf which my neighbor told me about and put it into my wood shop. It fits nicely in there.

I am still unpacking after the move and sorting out my equipment. I am making good progress though.

I also worked quite a bit in the off grid electronics lab and office. This is also off the grid and contains my solar battery banks and control electronics. The office will power my off grid wood shop when I am done.

In the office I have the Quanta Q3 generator slowly charging up a bank of super capacitors. These capacitors need to be brought up to a higher voltage so that my normal charger will be able to recognize them. The Quanta is perfect for this job.

I later got my old Bedini motor running as well in order to restore lead acid batteries. This old machine does a very good job at restoring old badly sulfated lead acid batteries which cannot be charged anymore by conventional chargers.

I am working on an old 12 volt battery that was down to 0.5 volts and bone dry when I got it. I had put distilled water in it and am charging it up on the Bedini motor.

I installed a cut off switch on the solar panel frame outside. This will allow me to disconnect power from the solar panels to the solar charge controller if I need to.

A rabbit was eating our new flowers so I bought some plastic tent stakes to use as electric fence wire holders. The stakes have a hole in the top of each one. This is perfect to hold the electric fence wire.

Hopefully this will stop rabbits from eating our flowers from now on.

I am also going to protect the apple trees from being eaten by rabbits and deer by using some drainage tile cut lengthwise.

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