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Heavy Gardening & Running Electric Fence

Heavy Gardening & Running Electric Fence

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I hauled two more truckloads of compost and another truckload of mulch today. After spreading that on the garden I ran the electric fence around the garden and chickens to protect them from predators.

I think there is another ten loads of compost for me to pick up in the following days. We are hauling two loads of compost per day because my neighbor wants it gone.

For now I am putting the compost in a pile by the garden. This will be used as potting soil and in the next garden plot which we will soon prepare.

I am also hauling about four truck loads of mulch this week. I am getting one load per day and spreading it out on the garden pathways to prevent weeds and retain moisture.

I tilled the last half of the garden and then Melanie and planted mung beans in an entire row. We hope to provide all the food we need for a year so we are planting heavily now.

I want to put in a second garden plot for peas, beans and corn this week as well.

At the end of the day I put up electric fence around the garden and the chicken coop to prevent anything from getting in.

The chickens need protection from predators so I ran two strands of wire down low around the chicken coop.

I finished putting the electric fence around the garden as well. This protects it on all sides from deer. The deer are the worst out here followed by chipmunks.

I have to spread cayenne pepper to stop the chipmunks though. They will dig up and eat the seeds and seedlings in a short time.

I swapped out the electric fence controller for the stronger and newer one. This will better protect the chickens from harm.

Some packages arrived in the mail today.

I got a HUGE package of GoPro accessories in a carrying case. Plus there was a 64 Gb memory card in the box. This is from someone who wants to remain unknown. Thank you!!!

ThruNite sent me a new flashlight. This package contains an awesome automatic battery charger with auto sense and digital display. Plus their most compact and brightest flashlight with an unbelievable 10,000 lumens intensity. I cant wait to try these out.

You can find ThruNite products here: http://www.thrunite.com/
At this moment they have a 10% off code on their site for this flashlight.

I also received some Germanium diodes that I ordered. These are used in a crystal radio. The crystal radio requires no power but it works. I figure I should be able to get some usable energy from the air using Germanium diodes as a receiver. Lets see.

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