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Garden Work & Putting Rustic Siding On Chicken Coop

Garden Work & Putting Rustic Siding On Chicken Coop

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1 year
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We worked in the garden in the morning. Later I put siding on the chicken coop. Chick updates. A package arrived.

In the morning Melanie and I put mulch on our garden row. This was the last row that we planted in the first garden plot. Now that the seeds have been planted we put mulch over the top to retain moisture.

I still have enough mulch for around the first row but we want to let the plants grow a bit first. The tomatoes and peppers that froze are still showing some signs of life but not doing anything.

Later Melanie put mulch around her herb bed. It is really looking good now.

I put rustic pine board siding on the chicken coop but sadly most of the camera footage was lost.

I started out overlapping the boards a bit but it did not look good. With the OSB, then tar paper and then siding it should last many years anyway I think. And when I put rain gutters on the roof the walls should never see direct rain or splatter.

The little chicks are doing well. I have them in the chicken coop in a plastic tub with a set of tiki lamps for warmth. Although to me it feels hot the little chickens are snuggling up to the light for warmth.

Later I set up an area in the chicken coop for them. I will have to show you next time.

I got the siding done on one wall of the chicken coop and half of the next before the day was done. Most of the video footage was lost due to corruption for some reason.

A package arrived from Wolfwise camping supplies on Amazon. This is a folding shower tent which packs into a small pizza shaped case.

We will be using this a lot here I think when we find our solar camp shower. We hope to save even more on our energy bill by using solar hot water when we can.

You can find Wolfwise here: http://amzn.to/2qQbOKv
10% off Coupon Code: 6EORWARK (valid till 15 July)

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