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Preparing A Beautiful Herb Garden & Homestead Work

Preparing A Beautiful Herb Garden & Homestead Work

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I am making an herb bed out behind the house where the deck was. Melanie is busy making daily videos now so check out her channel.

In the morning it was raining very hard so I worked on the computer for a while.

Later I put the birds out to enjoy the sun while I cleaned out the chicken coop. I scraped out all the old pine shavings and filth. This I hauled to the compost bin by the garden. Chickens are truly muti purpose birds. They provide us with meat, eggs and fertilizer.

I put down new bedding and left the chicken coop open to air out all day.

Melanie wanted to get the herbs planted right away so I pulled off the remaining boards from the deck out back where the previous owners had a screen tent.

I then shoveled out many wheel barrows full of sand to make space for good planting soil. This will make a good raised garden area for our herbs.

With the divisions already in the boards it will give us separate planting areas for each type of herb. I will run two walkways across the middle further dividing each 12 foot long strip into three sections.

It took me the better part of the day to haul out all the sand but I finally got the job done. I was nursing myself back to health due to dehydrating at night from the humidity so work was slower than usual.

After that I went and got a load of compost to put directly into the garden beds. I was hoping a truck load would fill it up but I was wrong. I will need at least one more truck load to fill up the herb garden beds.

I think this is going to be beautiful when done. We will eventually have stone pavers around the garden and through the walkways.

I left a board in the middle on one side to allow us to sit some potted plants or sit on a chair and enjoy our herb garden.

Later I went to town to get gas for the lawn mower and cut the grass with the self propelled push mower until it ran out of gas and I was running out of daylight.

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