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Busy Day At The Nearly Off Grid Homestead

Busy Day At The Nearly Off Grid Homestead

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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I strung up our peas in the garden and worked all day on the property. I got my old Snapper riding lawn mower going and started to cut the grass in comfort.

We picked blueberries on this day. You saw that video already. So far we got about 11.5 pounds of berries all together and are still picking more each day.

We are using our GoSun solar oven all the time now. We really love it. This saves us energy when cooking and keeps the heat outside. It feels so good to be cooking with free solar energy.

We had some blueberry muffins baked in the solar oven. Later we loaded it up with our dinner and left that to slow cook for a couple hours. Boy it was so good. The flavors all mixed in nicely.

I got the Snapper riding lawn mower fixed today. I put in the drive disc and then cleaned the carburetor. You have seen those videos already.

Then I started to mow the lawn with my riding lawn mower. It sure beats pushing a mower on foot. This is a very old machine though and needs some love and care. It looks like its an oil burner but it could just need cleaning out.

The engine smokes badly at first but then clears up a bit and runs strong. I cut the lawn till I ran out of gas and then refilled the tank but it did not run well after that. I will check it out again later.

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