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Using Cheap Deer Feed For Homestead Baking

Using Cheap Deer Feed For Homestead Baking

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Melanie and I bought some deer feed for baking. We got 20 pounds of apples and 20 pounds of carrots. Melanie baked carrot cake muffins tonight.

I have long experimented with human food sold as animal food due to its low cost. Often human food is sold very cheap for animal feed because it is not perfect in appearance. The grocery stores will not accept anything less than perfect looking.

So very good, nutritious food goes into bags and gets sold cheap as animal feed.

There is usually nothing wrong with this food besides its appearance.

Any damaged food does then go to our animals so nothing gets wasted at all.

Melanie harvested our turnips today too. She got a nice bucket full. We are still getting a lot of food from our garden this year.

And Melanie is canning a lot of tomatoes recently. She harvested the last of them this week. She will be putting a video up on her own channel soon.

Melanie is feeling better now and wanted to be doing something with her time so canning is something that keeps her busy without any strain on her.

The muffins turned out very well by the way.

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