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Country Mobile Home Fixer Upper for Sale

Country Mobile Home Fixer Upper for Sale

Life in a Mobile Home

2 years
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This mobile home at the foothills of the Sierras, 1200' elevation, is up for sale. I'm not making a penny on this, just trying to help someone find a place in exorbitantly, overpriced California. Landlord is asking $9k and about $400 monthly lot space. Provided you have decent credit history, you can "barter" with her. Nearby are streams and lakes cascading from the Sierras. Also there are a lot of camping grounds within walking distance including a Forget Me Store (like 7/11). Fishing, hiking, boating, bicycling are but some of the recreational activities up here. If you travel into town, there are even casinos. There are more mobile homes in the park up for sale, as well. Sorry, I don't have the keys to record the interior, but you can make an appointment with the landlord to view the availability of housing in the park.


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