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I Have Faith In DIY Tube Coins And Invested Myself

I Have Faith In DIY Tube Coins And Invested Myself


12 months
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I have been asked a few times recently if I have faith in DIY Tube Coins. The answer is yes, I have so much faith in it that I have purchased a high powered ASIC miner to mine DIY Tube Coins myself.

A miner is a computer which works on a blockchain for a share of the coins. This is super simplified.

I bought a very high powered miner to mine DIY Tube Coins myself so I can get some.

At this time DIY Tube Coins are trading on a coin exchange but the YouTube trolls want us destroyed so they mined from the start and then dumped their coins at below market value in an attempt to destroy us. The normal value of DIY Tube Coins is set at $0.10 each but the trolls are selling them for a fraction of that. But this really does not matter. What it means is that once we are advertising the sale of our coins, the first buyer is going to get a whopper of a deal and see an immediate gain in coin value. Once the trolls are bought out, DIYT Coins will be again selling for $0.10 each.

We will have our system ready for the market soon.

But, if you want a good deal, its waiting for you right now. You can buy DIY Tube Coins here: https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange/Basic?market=DIYT_BTC

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