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Coconut Oil In Coffee Is Healthier & Michelle Helping Make It

Coconut Oil In Coffee Is Healthier & Michelle Helping Make It

The Do It Yourself World

8 months
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Using coconut oil in your coffee is healthier and also gives you a boost, extending your energy. I read about this online and tried it out. I have been using coconut oil in my coffee in place of milk ever since.

Michelle helps me make my coffee at the store each day. She loves to help out and hands me things one by one as needed, then puts them away neatly.

Coconut oil is very healthy and has a lot of benefits on its own. But when added to coffee, it can help you get through the mid day slump much better. Since I started to use coconut oil in my coffee, I drink less coffee per day to get through.

Coconut oil is good for you, it increases your metabolism, burns fat and gives you energy. Added to caffeine, it helps you last longer on a cup of coffee.

I love it now and use it to replace milk. And it looks and tastes like milk when blended into your coffee.


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