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Unboxing Primitive Fire Bow Drill Kit & First Impressions

Unboxing Primitive Fire Bow Drill Kit & First Impressions

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Kreative Developments sent me the Primitive Fire bow drill kit to try out. This is the unboxing and my first impressions of the kit.

First of all, I was impressed with the amount of items that were in the kit. I was expecting some sort of bow and some wood but this has all kinds of accessories.

There is of course the bow, but also some base boards, a stone, some shafts and some tinder material.

This is also a nicely packaged kit. This is no cheap quality kit I can say so far.

I am very excited to try this out because I have never tried to make a fire with a bow before. I always said I would carry some sort of lighter or other fire starting material with me at all times.

But what if you get stranded without these things?

The skills you can gain from having such a kit as this are very valuable. I plan to learn how to use this fire making kit while at home and in relative safety rather than wait for a real survival situation.

I will be trying this out and become familiar with the fire bow fire starting method. This may not end up a permanent part of my bug out bag but it will certainly get a lot of use in the mean time as I practice with it.

You can get one here: https://amzn.to/2GN9Ijx

Stay tuned for more follow up videos and a final review as I learn how to use this kit.

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