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April 17&18 Snow On The Homestead & Updates

April 17&18 Snow On The Homestead & Updates

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The Do It Yourself World

3 years
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We had snow for the 5th day on the 17th of April, 2018 when normal daytime high temperatures are in the 50s.

The next day we only had occasional flurries and it crawled up to 31 degrees finally.

Melanie and I needed to get out shopping but, even though the road in front of our home had been plowed a few days ago, we got stuck on our lane.

The snow had piled up deeper than it looked because there was 4 inches of hard pack under the fluff. My car fell through and got buried fully. It took me a while to get it out.

We did our shopping and, on the way home, Melanie prayed that the snow plow had come again. It had. But it also plowed our driveway closed again. I had to shovel show to get back into the yard.

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