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Whole Family Hauling Fire Wood For Our Tiny House

Whole Family Hauling Fire Wood For Our Tiny House

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2 months
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Yesterday our whole family was helping to haul in fire wood for our off grid tiny house. In the morning I hauled the large trailer back into its winter parking spot where it will stay for now. Then I had to switch balls on the Jeep and get out the smaller trailer for hauling fire wood.

I had to pump up the tires and shovel out the snow first though. Then I picked up the fire wood I had cut in front of the electronics lab. This is wood I was planning to cut into lumber on the mill but since that is out of commission till spring, I cut up the logs for fire wood.

Then I sorted out what we had left of cured, dry fire wood. We have been burning full time since September already and only burnt 1.5 cords of fire wood so far. But our oak which was supposed to be ready this winter is still wet so we cant burn it now.

We all went out in the woods with the trailer and hauled in the wood I cut two weeks ago. It was a fun family operation which turned into a snowball fight with Michelle being the main aggressor.

Later I sorted out the piles of wood I had to get some more dried, cured fire wood for immediate use.


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