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Volcano: Birth Of A Mountain

Volcano: Birth Of A Mountain

Science and Discovery

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Volcano: Birth Of A Mountain

Examines geological forces causing the formation of a shield volcano. Shows how the massive lava flow from Mauna Ulu volcano, the first new mountain in the United States in recent history, has reshaped surrounding island terrain. Describes the methods and instruments used by geologists studying volcanic activity. Uses film footage produced over a five - year period to document an extended Hawaiian volcanic eruption from which, in the early 1970's, a whole new mountain emerged. Reveals how the scorching lava flow covered whole forests, generated raging tornadoes and reshaped long segments of coastline during the mountain's creation. Underwater photography by Lee Tepley. Geologist Donald Peterson is shown at work in helicopter.

Publication date 1977
Topics volcano, geology, Mauna Ulu, Hawaii, Maui
Publisher Encyclopedia Britannica

by Bert Van Bork


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