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Rick  Chris  Mark Van BC 93 94  Panama

Rick Chris Mark Van BC 93 94 Panama

Rick Dunn Official

2 months
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I had moved to Vancouver first to get myself setup and then Mark came out..and finally Chris. I devised of a way where we could all get good gear. The way we did it was thus: Myself and Mark paid the rent for the 3 of us while Chris used his job wages to pay off his Drums..when he was done, Chris and I paid the rent while Mark paid off his Bass gear and then finally they paid the rent so I could pay off my gear. It worked out great. Then I a came up with a way for us to rent an old garage that wasn't being used and then converted it into a secure soundproof rehearsal space in North Vancouver. This footage is of our first jam after being away from each other for two years. We picked up where we had left off. We had begun learning Van Halen songs to warm-up to...but original Music was our aim. Here you hear us making all kinds of mistakes as we tried to remember how to play the songs and get used to our new gear....but we got up to speed within in a couple of weeks. These are precious memories to myself now...this was 28 years ago. Hard to believe!.


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